Civic Center/UN Plaza BART stop is 5 blocks away  

31-Balboa stops at Eddy and Hyde
19-Polk Inbound stops at Larkin and Eddy, outbound at Hyde and Turk. 27-Bryant stops at Ellis and Leavenworth
31-Balboa stops at Turk and Hyde
7x-Noriega Express stops at Turk and Hyde. 38-Geary stops at Geary and Hyde
5-Fulton Inbound stops at McAllister and Leavenworth, outbound at McAllister and Hyde

There is a covered well lit parking garage across the street from us at 469 Eddy Street.
Civic Center Garage located at 355 McAllister Street
EZ Public Parking located at 333 Jones Street


Our neighborhood plays host to a variety of hidden gems in this City. When you plan to visit us, please check out some of our friends:

Museums & Galleries
Tenderloin Museum : 398 Eddy Street. History of the Tenderloin and great art, film and event line up.
Jessica Silverman Gallery: 488 Ellis Street. Shows focus on emerging artists that are concept driven.
Asian Art Museum: 200 Larkin. Houses over 18,000 works of Art.

Piano Fight: 144 Taylor. Comedy and Live Music.
Black Cat: 400 Eddy Street. Two floors of cocktails and food with nightly Jazz performance.
Aunt Charlie's Lounge: 133 Turk Street. Drag shows, dive bar.

Strand barber and beauty: 704 Larkin. Friendly Neighborhood Salon for Men and Women.
Vacation: 651 Larkin Street. Vintage Apparel.

Bars, Restaurants & Stores
Golden Era: 395 Golden Gate Avenue. Vegan Food.
Whitechapel: 600 Polk Street. Gin drinks.
Turtle Tower: 645 Larkin. Vietnamese.
Tadu Ethiopian Kitchen: 484 Ellis. Delicious Ethiopian Food.
Hookers Sweet Treats: 442 Hyde. Sweets and Coffee.
Tender Wine Bar: 854 Geary. Intimate wine bar.
The Magazine: 920 Larkin. Old magazines and ephemera, theatrical programs and pin ups.
Fleet Wood: 839 Larkin Street. Gallery and retail boutique featuring locally made goods.