Jess Maron

Jess is a Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC) and Acupressurist and a certified member of the American Bodywork and Massage Professionals association.

His work resonates with Eastern bodywork philosophy. The focus is on the physical manifestation of ailments with understanding a connection exists between the physical body and the mental, emotional and spiritual self. He is not a healer, he's a facilitator with a role to support and encourage the highest level of healing, whatever that may be, for the clients he works with. 

Jess' sessions include Tui Na (Chinese Meridian Massage), Ren Shen (for those familiar, it's similar to Jin Shin Jyutsu), Acutonics Tuning Forks, Reflexology, and some Off-The-Body work. In a typical session, though not essential, all modalities are combined for an uplifting and relaxing experience.

Rates: 60 minutes - $140 * Each therapist is an autonomous business owner and they set their own price for their treatments.

Amy O'Donnell

Amy is a California Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist (L.Ac); she received her Master’s in Oriental Medicine from Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, California. Amy has over 12 years’ experience working holistically with Oriental Medicine, specializing in orthopedics, chronic pain, fertility, immunity, mental health, pediatrics and facial rejuvenation.

Acupuncture promotes healing by increasing circulation through the stimulation of specific points on the body. Amy bridges classical Chinese medicine with Japanese-style painless needling. Her treatments often combine manual therapy techniques such as massage or cupping with acupuncture and herbal medicine, to provide relief and leave one feeling relaxed and revitalized.

Rates: $145 Customized Integrated Acupuncture and Massage
Packages available: 5 treatments for $575
* Each therapist is an autonomous business owner and they set their own price for their treatments.
Amy's cancellation policy: $50.00 cancellation fee within 24 hours of scheduled treatment.

Sessions may include acupuncture, cupping, guasha, Tui Na, acupressure, nutrition, lifestyle and herbal recommendations. 

Hena Rainge 

Hena has worked as a Therapeutic Massage therapist and Energy Medicine Practitioner for over 13 years throughout the Bay Area. Her sessions are a combination of deep tissue and Esalen style bodywork mixed with Myofacial release, Trigger point release, Cupping (upon request), Acutonics (Tuning forks/sound healing), acupressure, 
aromatherapy (upon request).

These individualized sessions are effective for managing muscular pain, relieving stress, and anxiety and overall balancing of one’s body, mind, and spirit. Her specialty is treating neck, shoulder, low back and hip/pelvic pain. Each session is tailored to meet the client’s specific needs and taste. 

Rates: 60 minutes - $140
            * Each therapist is an autonomous business owner and they set their own price for their treatments.

Please note: As a courtesy to others, please remember that if your treatment is delayed because of late arrival, it will end as scheduled so that the next guest is not inconvenienced.

Please respect Hena's 24-hour cancellation policy. There will be a $50 service charge for cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment. No-shows will be charged the price for the session booked ($140 or $210).