The massage practitioners that rent space at Onsen are autonomous business owners and create their own treatments and pricing. Please call us to book an appointment at (415) 441-4987.

Introducing Kristin Dodds:

Kristin Dodds is a California certified massage therapist (CAMTC) board certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork (BCTMB), with over 1300 hours of training.  Since 2001, Kristin has worked at a Naturopathic healing practice and both Ayurvedic and Japanese holistic spas.

Her integrative Swedish and deep tissue massage provides a nurturing, relaxing flow combining specific therapeutic work addressing areas with muscular tension / adhesions / pain.  As a trained Reiki Master, her Reiki sessions provide a safe, gentle, non-invasive, hands-on healing that can increase energy, reduce pain, promote deep relaxation and general feelings of well being.   



*60 minute massage or Reiki - $136

*75 minute massage - $170

*90 minute massage - $204

*15 minute Reiki add on to any massage - $35

Introducing Jess Maron:

The type of work Jess does is focused on Eastern bodywork philosophy. The focus is on the physical manifestation of ailments with the understanding of the connection between the physical body and the mental, emotional and spiritual self. He is not a healer, He is a facilitator with a role to support and encourage the highest level of healing, whatever that may be, for the clients he works with. 

Specifically, He practices Tui Na, Ren Shen (for those familiar, it's the same as Jin Shin Jyutsu), Acutonics Tuning Forks, Reflexology, and some Off-The-Body work. In a typical session all modalities are combined for an uplifting and relaxing experience. However, if for any reason a modality is not desired, it does not need to be a part of the session.



60 minutes - $140

90 minutes - $210