Onsen is our spin on the communal Japanese bath experience.  We have been inspired by bathing traditions that exist in many cultures, but have been strongly pulled to the culture and design around the bath in Japan.  Having a soak in a Japanese Onsen or a Japanese Sento is both a communal neighborly experience as well as a ritualized way of getting clean and relaxing in warm water after a long day. Respecting your fellow bather while still being social, maintaining a baths cleanliness by showering before entering the bath and being thoughtful about leaving the bathing area dry, were just some of the meaningful and respectful cultural norms that we experienced while bathing in Japan. We also admire the linear simplicity and the use of organic materials that informs much of Japanese design aesthetic. Although we will never be an authentic Japanese Onsen, nor are we trying to be, we wanted to bring a piece of that unique experience to the Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco.

Our business is a Communal bath with a Steam Room, Sauna and Cold plunge shower and we are also a full service Restaurant.

Reserve by phone for the bath at 415 441 4987. If you join us in the evening, enjoy a full menu of seasonal dishes, tea, and sake after a soak in our communal bathing area, please call to book both the bath and dinner.



See a sample menu and make a reservation.

We accept reservations for the bath.