The bathing ritual in Japan is deeply ingrained in their society, with the idea that a daily soak will cleanse and purify body and soul. 

Our intimate space provides a restful place to escape from daily routines. Our communal tub is 104 degrees and our other amenities include: a redwood cedar sauna, steam room, custom overhead cold plunge and western style showers. Complimentary bath products and hot tea are included in the soaking experience. We also provide a locker, towel, robe and compostable bag for your wet swim suit.

We invite people to be social but respectful. Please feel free to talk softly with your friends and fellow bather. We are an intimate space and want everyone to enjoy their time with us.



Monday: 3:30p-10p | Coed - Bathing Suit Required
Tuesday: Closed
: 3:30p - 10p | Men Only - Bathing Suit Optional
Thursday: 11a - 10p | Women Only - Bathing Suit Optional
Friday: 11a - 10:30p | Coed - Bathing Suit Required
Saturday: 10:00a - 10:30p | Coed- Bathing Suit Required
Sunday: 10:00a - 10:30p | Coed - Bathing Suit Required


1. A bathing suit is required on co-ed days, if you forget, we do have suits for purchase.
2. A photo ID is required to enter the bath house.
3. Please turn off your cell phone. Cell phones are not permitted in the communal bath.
4. In the bathing area, shower first, before entering the steam, sauna, or bath.
5. Children under 18 are not permitted in the bathing area.

We have a body-positive and accepting environment, respect your fellow bather and help us to create a safe and welcoming environment for guests of all gender, race and body types.


Parties of 7 or more, please contact to book.